How to test out an X-Drive?

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Jul 8, 2003
Bought an 20Gb capacity X-Drive II recently as I am planning for a trip overseas soon...

Was wondering what would be the best method to test out the drive before I leave for my trip in two weeks.

So far, I have used the drive a couple of times to backup the compact flash cards that I have uploaded to my PC. Seemed to have worked without a hitch although I haven't done a physical file compare between what is on my HDD and what is on the X-drive. Are there any utilities out there that would let me do a file compare between the two sources?

Would only do the off-loading of images when I am back in the hotel but will be carrying the X-drive around during my photography shoots (just in case I run out of capacity on my CF Cards).



You might want to test out whether the pictures are transferred correctly between the CF card and the X-drive. In my experience, some pictures may be corrupted during the transfer. It may have something to do with compatibility between the CF card and the X-drive though. I think I've seen threads here before alluding to possible transfer issues between Ridata cards and the X-drive.

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