How to test a camera.

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May 17, 2005
Hi guys,

was always curious..during those IT shows or during normal circumstances in shops,
what do you look for when u test a camera?.

I was always deterred cos i dunno what i wanna do with the cam also.
even if i shoot shoot abit, play with the dials abit also like tt :dunno: .

if someone can understand, pls share your opinion


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Jun 23, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Personally I read a lot before even going to the shop, and by the time I go there, my mind is usually made up and I'm just about ready to pay for the thing, grab it off the shelf and leave. However, getting a feel for the camera is probably a good thing you can do. How comfortable is the camera when in use? Are the important or commonly accessed controls easy and fast to reach? Can you operate most of the important controls with one hand, or perhaps even use it without having to take your eyes away from the viewfinder for too long? Is the camera evenly balanced in terms of weight, or is it too light, too heavy, too large or too small?

Try taking pictures of things inside the shop, and even outside if they let you. How's the focusing speed and accuracy like? Is it fast enough for you? What about shutter lag? How long does it take from when the shutter button is fully depressed before the shot is actually taken? Does it take very long for the camera to power up or power down?

Again, different questions will apply depending on whether you are looking at a fixed-lens compact camera or an SLR system. And in the latter, things like focusing speed and accuracy may even be dependent on your lens.


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Nov 27, 2005
Usually when i go to an IT show i've already almost made up my mind unless something really better pops out and really sways me.I usually do my research at home before heading there


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Jan 6, 2006
To test one, from the moment you will feel the force flowing through you.


okok, so i agree with Redsun's point. usually, i'd make up my mind on what camera i wish to buy before heading out to get it. most of the time i'd research it at home before making the decision to buy.

Me too, I usually have made up my mind on the item before going there. What I test is how it feels in my hands, taking some shots with it, (for accessories, bring your camera along), how it felt when i take some shots, check the results on screen, listen to the sound it makes, etc.

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