How to stop a particular Facebook news feed


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Feb 24, 2005
News feeds from Facebook friends are fine. These are from people you know.

But sometimes you get a surprise news feed in Facebook. Eh...where did that come from?
A string of news feeds every day from a software company or advertisement pushing some product. It never ends once it started. This may arise from something that you clicked previously while surfing. Certainly you must have agreed to something previously and in the small print, the company says it will send you Facebook newsfeeds.

I got news feeds from "3D Media Revolution" and "Nero". Cannot recall how I agreed to receive news feeds from them.
I got nothing against them. To their fans, their Facebook news feeds must be wonderful and welcome. It is just that I am now not interested in their products/activities.

So, how to "unsubscribe" ?

Go to the particular news feed concerned ,say for example it is from "XXXYYY".
Move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the news feed.
A down arrow (that was not shown previously) will appear.
Click on the down arrow.
A scroll list appears.
Move to "Hide..." and click.

A dialogue box appears.
"This story is now hidden from your News Feed. Unhide
Hide all stories from XXXYYY
Unlike page XXXYYY"

Then you can scroll down further click on
"Unlike page XXXYYY"

This is supposed to STOP all further news feeds in Facebook from XXXYYY to you.

The message will appear.
"XXXYYY unliked. Its posts will no longer appear in your News Feed."

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