how to start up ?

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Oct 21, 2006
i have been working in germany through and flo for these few months recently. and today when i was in a meeting, the company announced about retrenchment. not very sure if i will be on the list. but i have to be prepared.

well.. i am thinking of starting up as a photographer in weddings and maybe organising some workshops in relation to print or graphic design.

not really sure on how to start up for weddings thou. lets say. in terms of advertising and ways to have clients ?

assuming that you already have a portofolio...

usually what are the channels of advertising ? websites ? or even through magazines ?

not really sure thou..

really appreciate the help if there is any. you can pm me if you dun want to be public thou, from previous experiences many people would want to share their personal views with me via pm.

would also like to thank ckuang for helping me out the other time with the contract too. :thumbsup:

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