How to start going into making business with photography

Dec 3, 2010
Dear club snappers

How does 1 starts and make business with their photography. I want to earn my own lenses and stuff and not just keep depending from my parents money . My lecturer told me to slowly start building up my portfolio.. And then what is next? Plz guide me. I really want to make money with this n show to my parents that what they've been investing in me is not a loss. Thankyou!


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Nov 28, 2005
The first step is to learn how to read a forum. We have an entire section called "The Photo Biz".

Learn how to help yourself instead of asking others to help you become their competition. You will be much more successful that way.


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
first step,
learn about photography

second step,
produce decent photos at any given situations

after these two steps, than we can start talking about how to make use of your skills........

Oct 19, 2009
1) Marketing Skills. - there are some who can shoot very well, but has a bad marketing skill, while there are some who can shoot pretty average but with a good marketing skill.

2) Good and High End Skills. - Get some good equipments, don't splurge on third party stuffs since they might have a higher chance to fail. Very embarrassing if in the middle of the event isn't it ?

3) Managing time well. - You are a student, a part time photographer, not a full time professional photographer. You should consider managing your time well in order to balance between your studies and photography.

Some of the people asked me why I didnt wanna take up paid shoots like events, etc. Reason is simple.
1) Tedious Work. Shooting plus PP..
2) Nasty and High expectations client, headache..
3) Sometimes hard to collect money from time, dragging for a long period of time fo example.

Actually, why not giving tuition ? Teach young kids in an aircon room, get good pays and. Buy what you want, spend what you like, and enjoy photography ?

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