How to sell well at ebay

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Jan 19, 2002

Since lots of people here have ebay questions, I will post a few tips...

1. Have some one with very many positive feedback post it for you. Ideally have someone with 100+ positive feedback sell for you. Having this normally attracts more buyers, bigger and more carefree spenders. That means higher ending price.

2. For hot products (products that lots of people want like the D60), do not put a reserve price. Or alternatively if you are afraid that some server crash will affect you, then put a reserve price, but tell everyone outright that your reserve price is XXXX, and that the only reason you have it there is to protect you incase there is a server crash right when your auction ends. Reserve price is there to protect you, it is not there for you to trick other people to bid higher. Starting price does not matter. If it is a hot product, I start out something like 1.00 dollar. Who cares, it will go up quick anyway.

3. Offer all possible payment options. Accept Money orders, cashiers checks, personal checks, paypal, and even credit cards (thru paypal or merchant account). Just put a condition that if they pay by personal checks that you will wait till it clears.

4. Add pictures, but dont add a generic picture from some Canon site. Add your own picture. Take a shot with all the stuff it came with. Include the box, the wrapping materials, accesories, etc.

5. Add a picture of your receipt or other paper work and explain where you bought it from. State that you have US warranty or whatever warranty. You are the first and only owner and that your product is not a gray market, B product, etc. Of course you should not lie.

6. Be very clear with shipping. Do some initial research and determine how much it will ship for. Then state it that shipping is XX and state you do not charge handling fee. Be very clear about insurance. Dont just state buyer will pay insurance. The best is to say, you pay XX for shipping and insurance. "If actual cost of shipping/insurance turns out higher, I will pay for the difference." So, do research and try to be accurate.

7. Add some incentives into it. For example. If price is 1500 or more, you will pay for shipping. or If price is 1500 or more, you will throw in your 128 CF card. I have also done incentives like this. If you have more than 100 positive feedbacks, I will take personal checks and will ship immediately. I have taken this risk all the time and never had a problem. Of course you need to weight this out with the total cost of the item.

8. Lastly give opportunities for people to contact you. Leave you email, alternate email, leave a phone number for people to ask questions.

If you have 1 to 8 and a hot product, not only will you be able to sell, but you will sell higher than people who do not have 1 to 8 above.

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