how to put background behind person face?

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Nov 22, 2003
Ithaca, NY, USA
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In order to create passport size photos with a customised background, i did this
1. take the face of a person on a white background with flash
2. cropped it to 50mm by 80mm
3. use magic wand to cut off the face
4. create a layer and put the background in

however after i selected the person face with the magic wand tool, it seems that the top of the head has white patches(due to uncombed hair)
How can i match the white patches without cutting off the hairs?
and is my method of creating a background efficent?

Apr 12, 2005
Since the background in your original picture is more or less of uniform colour, you may want to use "color range" to select instead of using the magic wand. Then fine-tune the selection by lasso tool to exclude areas which are not part of the background but selected because they are in the same color range as the selected background.

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