How to prepare for Winter Wildlife Photography??

Sep 18, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Travel bug has hit me since my Taiwan trip last year (; and I'm keen to try a different season and genre of photography.

Happen to see this upcoming trip on winter wildlife photography in Japan in Feb 2012 here:
Japan Workshop | | Life List ChaseLife List Chase

Anyone has experience in photography in Winter of Japan or any other winter season who can highlight if this is a good trip to go for?

What kinda tips must I be aware of when going for a winter photography trip, such as when is the best time/place to buy winter clothings, etc?

Thank you all in advance!

Arigato Gozayimast =)

Hi noregretforever,

Thank you for your interest in our workshop.
We will be sending you a PM to clarify any questions that you have :)

10D9N JAPAN Winter Wildlife Photo Expedition (Feb 2012)
Expedition led by SG Professional Photographers [Nikon Professional and Gitzo Ambassador]
C.S.Ling and Ethan Lim bring you on an exciting journey to experience the winter wildlife in Japan. Photograph endangered species; Experience the Japanese culture in local homestay and savour a culinary spread of authentic Japanese home-cooked cuisine. So kick back and relax as we travel in a small cozy group of 6 participants with 2 experienced instructors. You can be sure that you get our undivided attention to help you improve and capture the beautiful and breathe-taking wildlife and landscapes that Japan has to offer. < CLICK TO SEE PRICE & FULL ITINERARY >

Ethan Lim of Life List Chase
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