How to mount any powerbank under your camera


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Things you need:
1. Any USB powerbank
2. Xiletu XJ-8 handphone bracket
3. XR649 mini quick release for accessories
You will only need one Xiletu XJ-8 for handheld shooting and another XJ-8 for the tripod baseplate if using sticks.

1. Clamp one XJ-8 to the powerbank. The XJ-8 is a very strong vice clamp and not a spring tension clamp.So take care not to crush your powerbank!
2. Flip the powerbank over and clamp the other XJ8 on the reverse side of the powerbank
. This will give you two 1/4-20 mounting points on each side of the powerbank. (That means 4 holes in total!)
3. screw in the mini quick release to the XJ8 (if you need to switch between gimbal and handheld in a jiffy, if not a slotted headless 1/4-20 bolt will suffice)
4. Flip the powerbank over and screw in your tripod baseplate to the other XJ8 (if you need a tripod)

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