How to make a DVD from your photos and watch them on TV

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Apr 18, 2006
1. Download, install and run Photo DVD Maker Professional. It allows you to create from your favourite photos entertaining sideshows, complete with music, motion menus and transition effects and burn them on DVD or CD, so you can later watch them on your TV.

(Photo DVD Maker Professional Download)

2. First you need to add some photos. From the folder tree in the top-left panel choose a folder where your photos are placed. In the panel to the right you'll see all images in that folder as thumbnails. You can simply drag the pictures you want to include in the sideshow from the top-right panel to the central, Album Photo panel.

The photos will appear in the sideshow in the order they are listed in the Album Photo panel. You can rearrange them in any order preferred by simply dragging any photo in the desired place.

3. To add background music to your sideshow and choose transition effects select the Transition & Music tab. To add a track to the sideshow click the Add button next to the Background music panel and choose an audio file. You can add several tracks if a single one is not long enough to cover the whole sideshow. The current Audio Duration and Sideshow Duration are displayed in the Settings panel at the bottom-left.

You can also choose which effects to be used for transitioning between the pictures in the sideshow. The variety of transitions is great, ranging from simple fade-away to rotating stars. You can view a sample of each method by simply selecting it in the Transition effects list - a sample of the effect will be displayed in the window next to the list. The transitions between each two pictures in the sideshows will be selected randomly from the ones you've chosen from the Transition effects list. By default all effects are selected.

4. You can view what the sideshow will look (and sound) like by choosing the Album Preview tab and clicking on the Play button.

5. On a single disk you may burn more than one album. Later you'll be able to choose from the DVD menu which one to play.

To add another album to the compilation click the New Album button located in the Albums list to the left. Enter a name for the new album and click OK. You can select and edit any album from the list just like the first one.

At the bottom of the screen there is a scale which shows how much space the compilation will require and how much space there is on a disk of the chosen format (DVD, VCD or SVCD).

6. When you are ready with your albums compilation it's time to choose a DVD menu. Click on Choose Menus at the top of the screen. Now you can choose one of the predefined menu templates or create your own by choosing background music and image and defining the menu labels alongside with their font and colour.

When done you can see what exactly the DVD will look like, including the menus, by selecting the Preview tab. There, from the virtual DVD control panel, you'll be able to navigate the menu options and play any sideshow.

7. Finally you are ready to burn your sideshow. Click on Burn Disc at the top of the screen. Select desired output format (DVD, VCD or SVCD) and TV System (PAL or NTSC) and click the Burn Now button. Enjoy your own creation!


1. Text can be added on any photo from the sideshows. To do so right-click on a photo in the list and choose Add Text On Pictures from the context menu. In the panel that opens you can choose font and colour for the text and place it anywhere on the picture. You'll be able also to choose and place some ArtClips on the image.

2. You can rotate images to give them the proper orientation by using the Rotate 90 degrees clockwise and Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise buttons found in the context menu of the pictures and also on the top of the Album Photo panel.


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Mar 8, 2005

ANother option if u have Nero use Nero Vision to do it. Choose DVD/VCD video and select e photos tat u wan.

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