How to learn to use manual mode???

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Apr 30, 2002
Hi peeps, not sure if this is a dumb question (hope i'd be forgiven...) But i kinda have a problem learning to use the manual mode of my G2.

For digital, i guess it would be easier as the aperture, shutter speed and other specs are in the properties... so do i have to memorise the settings for different lighting conditions? or do you use some log books?

(i know wad most would say, practise makes perfect... yes i know... just like to help improve the learning curve... :what: )

Another question is if i were to use a film camera in manual mode... den is recording down the specs for every pic taken the only way to learn?

I used to think the F80S(the one that can print the specs on the negative) was rather cool... till i read in another post that it is rather small to be seen clearly...

Any comments? Thanks.:D

Using Manual Mode is nothing more than well, setting your aperture, shutter, (And possibly focus too) manually instead of relying on automation. Either you set the aperture, shutter speed etc according to the built-in meter, or you estimate exposure based on experience, or override the meter on certain situations based on experience etc.



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Jan 17, 2002
Hi Eugene,

Don't worry about asking dumb questions, we all do that too. ;)

About using manual mode: it doesn't mean you'll do away with the camera meter when you are in manual mode. You'll still need the meter (be it spot, center weighted, or matrix/evaluative) to assist you in determining the proper exposure based on the lighting condition. Manual mode is useful when you want to override the exposure setting selected by the camera, e.g. when taking night scene. (Otherwise if in aperture priority mode, the camera will select and set the shutter speed based on the metering, and vice versa for shutter priority).

How to use the G2 exposure meter to assist you in setting the exposure: press the shutter release button lightly to perform the metering. A number should appear at the left of the LCD. The number will show -2, -1, -1/3, 0, +1 etc. That indicates how many stops your setting is away from the metered value. E.g. -1 means your setting is 1 stop under the metered value. If you take the pic at the current setting, it will come out 1 stop underexposed (sometimes you deliberately want to do so, e.g. night scene so as not to blow out/bleed the bright lights).

Hope that helps. :)

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