How to instant review you picture taken on PC?

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I wish to review the picture taken by my DSLR immediately (instant review on PC) on my pc after snapping a shot. Anyone know how to do that? I have tried to connect the cable and after taking the picture it would show on the folder immediately but how do i review it bigger than just a thumbnail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Mar 11, 2008
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Sidetrack from your question. Is this what they call "pixel peeping" hehe? For me I think it is perfectly alright but I do not know why some people think it is not. Curious...

Sorry back to topic pls :embrass:


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Nov 23, 2007
What DSLR u using? Canon can shoot using PC control, the image can save direct to the PC. I known my 40D can.


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Nov 28, 2005
We need to know what camera you are using... This is also part of tethered shooting, which the Sony A700 can also do.


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Mar 27, 2008
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Depends on your camera, and how "instant" you want it to be.

Many cameras can shoot in tethered mode. For Canon, you can use the software supplied by Canon, or look into what's offered by Breeze Systems (

For non tethered, many professional / semi-pro cameras offer a wireless grip. For example, Canon has WFT-E3 (US$800) for the 40D.

For cameras using a SD card, you can have similar functionality for a lot less money. The Eye-Fi (US$100) is a 2 GB SD card with wi-fi circuitry that can be configured to wirelessly transfer your photo to your PC (among other things). There is a SD to CF adapter available, but I heard that though it works, it blocks part of the wireless signal.

Both the wireless grip and the Eye-Fi transfer using 802.11b/g. I'm not sure if they support ad-hoc mode.

I thought I recall some strange contraption that plugs into a CF card slot and connects to an external storage / transmitter, and it cost significantly less than a WFT-E3, but I haven't heard anything about it in more than 2 years. It may have died a premature death.

Finally, Nikon D300 / D3 has HDMI output - I have not looked into this much, but it should be possible to connect HDMI to a high end digital monitor for preview.

Hi all, thanks for the word tether. I now know that my D60 can do that, but how? I tried to connect the usb cable which came with my camera but it juz hows the picture in the folder on the computer. How do I instantly review on screen? is there a software to buy or? thanks so much guys! appreciate it!



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Mar 19, 2008
Check out the software provided with the box. I think it's Camera Control, Capture NX or something. It should allow tethered shooting via USB connection.

Pixel peeping is viewing the image at 100% size on screen, and screaming if it's not pixel sharp.

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