How to insert black frame in photo and how do I get high contrasting color

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Oct 26, 2006
Hi I am new to DSLR and hope some experts can answer my question.

1) Which software can I use to insert those classic black frame into my photo? I saw some pro do it when showing their wedding shots online and I find it very nice.

2) Recently, someone was selling his Carl Zeiss lens collection. I was amazed that his picture is very sharp and the color has high contrast. The color seems to come to life. I was wondering is it because of the high quality lens he use or due to the setting in his camera. I am using 400d and 50mm f1.8.


Aug 25, 2006

for lens, higher quality will have better contrast and sharpness, that much is true.. but that doesn't mean that cheaper lens cannot do it too.

after all, contrast can be manipulated in post process. the below picture is shot with a lens i bought for 80 pounds new (~sgd200).



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Sep 5, 2009
Just in case u are not using photoshop.

Or if you use any other cheaper software like photo impact.

1. Open the original file.
2. Click on the photo.
3. Press Ctrl + C
4. File -> New -> New blank canvas with either black or white background
5. Make sure the new file is bigger than the picture you copy.
6. Once ok paste the Press Ctrl + V on the new canvas (which u set it black or white)
7. Then use the movable cursor to adjust your photo to the center of the new canvas.
8. If your photo is too big Go to VIEW and select 10% (so that u can see the whole pic)
9. Crop as necessary.
10. When saving make sure your pixels is 4XXX by 4XXX pixels.
11. Just in case you want to print a 30 inch by 30 inch potrait
12. Done.

Just my 2 cents. Thx for reading.

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