How to get rid of the date stamp on scanned photos?

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May 16, 2005

Can Photoshop get rid of the date on photos? If yes, would anyone be so kind as to tell me the steps? Thanks!

Dec 11, 2005
East End
Bro, Photoshop is a digital imaging software and that's what it does, so of course can la.
In your case, it depends on what the image is and what is around your date stamp.
Without looking at your image, I would suggest one of either ways - clone stamp or Brush tool.
For clone stamp, first select the tool. Then place the cursor on an area you want to clone/copy, press Alt and click the mouse at the same time. You have just set your reference point. Now bring the cursor to your date stamp, press on the mouse button and paint over the stamp. Whatever appears on the stamp is what you have clicked on just now. I believe you will get the hang of it when you actually do it.
If, however, the image is such that you cannot copy, then you may have to paint over the date stamp with colours from the surrounding area.
Select the Brush tool, go to an area with the colour you want to select, press Alt and click the mouse together to select colour, go to date stamp, press the mouse and paint the colour over. Select different colours using the same technique till you have covered over the entire date stamp.
An easier method is - turn off the date stamp on your camera!!
Good luck

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