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Feb 11, 2008
As discuss in the following situation , pls advise on step to fill flash in Av ,TV and Manual mode . Using Canon G9 and Canon Speedlite 420 ex .

Subject in shade and back light under strong mid noon sun .

In evaluation Mode . When i shoot the subject will be dark and a well expose background .

Decide to fill flash on subject.In manual , Tv or Av mode , with the flash in ETTL will the flash exposure be corrected accordingly ??? Or do we need to adjust the flash intensity manually to get a balance expose subject and background.

Read in the wensite that we can meter the outside exposre then bring down the expose 1 to 2 stop then start shooting the flash will adjust accoundingly , is this only avaliable for higher range flash gun ????? me using speedlite 420 ex ..any one know whether it can perform this way.

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Feb 15, 2003
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not sure how this G9 & speedlite works...

but normally your cam will be tricked by the sun and overexpose.

there is many ways to go about it...

most of the time, its either u get background with silouette of subject, or overexposed background with subject turn out nice.

i'm not sure how your ttl will work, most of the time, since i'm using digital, and wanna just do an easy way out (digital = free trail), so i'll probably meter the background, do a test shot, ok, background nice... manual set it. then use flash, (not sure if yours can do manual, but if not, use flash exposure compenstion) then flash until you get what you want...

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