How to DIY a dvd gift with Wondershare FlashOnTV?

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Feb 10, 2009
Valentine's Day is coming, whether you are preparing the gift for your loved person. The traditional flower and chocolate already appeared extremely ordinary.And recently comes in for financial crisis's influence, how we could find one gift both to express our sincerity and substantial. My answer is DIY.

The process will tell you how to DIY a loved disk to you and your loved person.

1.Run FlashOnTV, collect flash materials, included flash cartoon, flv movies. As a saying goes, well begun is half done. Here, I personally believe, it covers more than half of the whole work to collect and prepare video materials. However, if you have already downloaded or collected lots of resources to your PC, then you are going to save much time.

2.Design your DVD menu. A DVD menu consists of different elements including frames, buttons and texts. From the drop-down list, you can select a menu template.Take a look at this situation. It's your turn to design your dvd menu, you know a good picture often lets people remember the happy recollection, a pleasant song can also let us daydream, a section of rich poetic writing, will take to you warmth.If you paid a visit to a scenic spot or a famous place with your sweetheart in the past year, it's a golden opportunity to share the lovely time with her! And romantic music, loves pledge will express your thick love for her.

3.burn DVD.
At last you can burn Flash: FLV/SWF to DVD with DVD disk
Note: All the files could be saved as FLV project.

4.I'm very glad to share it with you. Generally speaking, this program offers the solution burn flash to dvd, and it’s very easy to use. Because I was infatuated with burn flash to dvd, This holiday, I will present a disk sign with us to my girlfriend. I already saw a smile on her face, when she receive this kind of special gift.

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