how to correct usage of flash in outdoor photography

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Jun 5, 2006
Hi there,

I am wondering about what can be improved on in terms of flash light direction for this picture. I wouldn't consider this outdoor portraiture so will just think of it as a fashion shot.

This shot was made with neither clear theme nor objective, so will welcome advice on framing and pose as well though that isn't the priority. Personally, I feel the shot is badly framed. The model isn't even posing for me.

It is one thud of a shot but I'm hoping to use this as a starting point for what should and should not be done when using flash.

The flash was likely directed at the model. The lighting seems very flat. Can the lighting quality pass off as a mood shot for merchandise? If not, how would you go about with placement of one single light to create a more desired effect?

Shutter: 1/180
Aperture: f16.0
ISO: 400

Additionally, what could've been an appropriate white balance setting? Custom white balance 5,500K?


Feb 5, 2003
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It's a fine shot, quite dramatic with the lines leading to the model. Normally in outdoor shots flash acts as fill while sunlight is the main, so the quality of light depends more on the sun than on the flash. In other words, flat or not depends on the sun. Reflectors and fill flash can of course be used to compensate by reducing the shadow areas.

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