how to copyright photo?

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Nov 28, 2005
anyone can teach me? is it in photoshop or something?

just to clarify

I believe you are referring to the watermark that people place on photos, right?
The simplest way is to use the text tool in any image editing program and type out whatever you want written on it.

To actually copyright a photo... I'm not sure how this is done here.
In the US, they submit the photo to a copyright office. I don't know if there is such an office here.


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Oct 11, 2005
From what I understand about copyright for intellectual property (IP), there is no need to file for it. It is automatically assigned to the creator. i.e. You can choose to take action against anyone who uses your images/literature without your permission. You'd have to take the person to court to get any compensation and this varies according to the 'loss' you have incurred as a result of others using your creation without your permission. Also you'd have to be able to prove ownership of that creation e.g. original copies or drafts, manuscripts, etc.

You can file for copyright/patent too, i.e. that means you go through the long process of proving your ownership first, so that in the event that someone infringes on your ownership, you can claim for damages more easily.

Sep 20, 2004

I think in photoshop cs version, you go to file, then file window will open to put all information you want and also to copyright....

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Apr 17, 2005
Copyright is just to say that the image or artwork is yours. Being a professional photographer, I choose not to copyright my work. You are free to use any of my images and I will be very honored. No lawsuit. (do keep in mind that lawsuits are just to benefit lawyers and courts)

FYI, I do not use others but allows others to use mine.:)


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Feb 20, 2002
Perth Australia
Antasus said:
anyone can teach me? is it in photoshop or something?
Under the Berne Convention on Copyright 1971 and the Digital Millenium Act a photographer is automatically granted copyright on his or her work the moment you press the shutter. The only exception is when you have been comissioned to take photographs by someone who pays you, as you are then technically an employee.

If however you mean how do you add a © symbol and wording to an image using Photoshop it's very straight forward. The © symbol is typed by holding down the ALT key while entering 0169, ie ALT + 0169. A few fonts use different access numbers, you can check the correct number by using the font viewer in MS Windows Accessories.

The correct general format is ©date, nam..An optional "All Rights Reserved" can be added to comply with additional legislation found in some South American countries. Note however the name must be either your real name, or a company name. eg: ©2005 Grotty Images PLC - All Rights Reserved.


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Dec 12, 2005
If i am not wrong in Singapore copyright is already automatic. Dont need to actually have the name there. As long as someone uses it without your consent, you can actually take some legal action.

To be sure wat you can do is just make a copy of everything you have done in a CD or anything, and send it by post to yourself. Dont open it and just keep it aside, until if some time you need to prove tat the work was originally yours, you can show them the letter with the original contents.

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