How to color match laptop & desktop monitors?

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Feb 12, 2003
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I own a Dell laptop and a DIY desktop system with a Samsung 151S LCD monitor. I recently shot a large number of photos which needed processing asap. So I brought my Dell to the office to process some of the pics and used the desktop at home to do the rest.

But when I transfered those I did on the laptop to the desktop, most of the pics had a yellowish cast. I've already color calibrated my desktop monitor with Samsung's 'Natural Colour' software included with the monitor, but the dell wasn't calibrated yet.

So I installed the 'Natural Colours' software into the Dell, hoping that it should make both systems the same. It helped quite a bit when I selected the default 'Photographs' colour selection, which brought the brightness and contrast almost on par with each other.

BUT... the colour difference remained.... one which is more yellow, the other more bluish. This is the same photo, just viewed on different monitors.

Anyone got a way to make both show the same colour cast?



LCD are not very good for photo editing. Unless is sony LCD for photo editing used. Anyway Try using adobe photoshop to cal your display. The main problem is your laptop you cannot bring it any where after cal, and the position of the lap top must stay put. If you flip the LCD position you may not see the match again.
The room lighting must be constant. Hope this help..
Good luck, you will need it. ;)

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