How to ask brides/clients to be patient?

Nov 4, 2010
I am a wedding photographer. Brides always want me to select single photos and send to them before delivery date. I am not really talking about thank you card but other photos with family remembers.
I would love to do it for them and send them but the only problem that it really messes up my workflow. I allocate equal time for everybody's wedding. It is hard to pull the drives, go through the wedding photos, selecting them and editing them before final delivery while I am still editing somebody else's wedding. It takes a long time and this way I feel that I will never be able to meet my deadlines.

The best example is father's day. Everybody wants to have a photo with their father...

How do you do it? Are sending clients/brides photos after their wedding before the delivery date or you ask them to wait for the final product? If you ask them how do you ask them to be patient?


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
They don't see what you have to go thru, and they think they don't have to understand that.

but you have to ask yourself, what they want from you has any meaning to them?

if you fulfil their "wishes", does it has any impact to your business?
if you insist of doing your way, you still able to make money from your existing customers and probably you will lose some potential customers.

anyway, if you make clear in your T&C, and request of early completion of finish products even it is only a single photo will incur additional cost, if they willing to pay for it, than you have to fulfil it.


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Dec 31, 2004
Its a personal business decision to be honest.

Like what Ben has mentioned, it really depends on how you want to do it.

To my business, it is important to ensure client is happy... but I do charge enough to offer a lot of flexibility for my clients.



My opinion is that you should set expectations for the clients up front. That way, even if they try to argue and twist your words, they'll know they were already told exactly what to expect, and so it will make them seem petty (assuming if they accepted and signed the deal with you).

This usually results in the clients feeling 'paiseh' if they still try to do any of the above mentioned, and judging the customers in Singapore, people care quite a lot about 'face', so they won't do it. Tada! 60-80% of such 'pushy' clients won't happen to you again.

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