How to add watermark to my photos using Picasa or PS??

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Feb 1, 2005
I have like a million photos and wonder if either picasa or PS have a way of adding a personal watermark to the image in a easy manner? A bit like what some of the professional or pro-amateur guys are doing at the bottom right corner of their photos. Thanks so much.

Aug 11, 2008
here's a way you can try in PS.

1. Make yourself a watermark image, I created one on one layer that was semi transparent.

2. Copy the image so it is in your clip board (Ctrl - C).

3. Open up the actions pallette (alt-F9 in Windows).

4. Click new action (looks like the new layer button), name it whatever and hit record.

5. Open up a file you would like to add the watermark to and paste the watermark into it (Ctrl - V), position, change transparency, do whatever.

6. Merge the layers (if you don't you will have to save as psd)

7. Click stop on the actions pallette.

Now you have an action that will paste, set the transparency and merge the watermark on the image of your choosing.

To apply this to a folder of images go to "File" -" Automate" - "Batch". Select the action you just made, choose the source folder and click ok and sit back and watch Photoshop do your work for you.

You can also try Picture Watermarker for photo protection. It's quite easy to use. You can free download it on


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Jan 24, 2006
Oct 4, 2008
Step by step instructions for adding watermarks in Photoshop:

if i batch watermark my pictures,i like Batch Watermark Creator, I'm currenty using this tool and it can apply wraps to 30 images in about 6 seconds... so yes it's fast.Here's an example of what I'm currently doing.
thanks for the tip,i just found a couple of cat pics of mine posted in a forum a while ago, i will have to try this.

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