LR Tips How I Work as a Digital Artist: Choosing Peripherals


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Sep 27, 2006
In part two of this series, I covered the basics to consider when it comes to setting up your digital art computer. Now that the core setup is established, we can get into some more artist-specifc peripherals and accessories: graphics tablets, printers, and scanners. The phrase “digital artist” pretty much conjures up a graphics tablet, so I’ll start there. What Are Graphic Tablets? If you are unfamiliar with a graphics tablet, it is basically an input device for the computer that allows you to use a stylus and manipulate the cursor with what is essentially an electronic pencil, as opposed to the computer mouse. And for those with larger budgets, there are graphic tablets built into computer monitors that let you digitally “draw” on the screen itself. If you plan on creating digitally, I can’t think of a creative type out there that wouldn’t benefit immensely from a graphics tablet. That said, I know digital artists who just don’t like them. I would highly suggest giving one a chance though. They can improve your productivity by huge factors if the device works for you. I use mine not just for drawing, but for creating vector paths in Adobe Illustrator and [...]


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