How does one value an organised-photoshoot?

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Aug 27, 2003
How to judge a shoot, on the basis of how expensive? I use total theoretical time for the photographer to shoot one on one.

For this shoot, it's $6 per minute.

For the sake of comparison, let's use one of Modelinn's shoot as an example. $99 per photographer, 2 1/2 hours with an approx 30 minutes of total break time. Total number of photographer is usually 6. 120 minutes / 6 = 20 minutes of theoretical ono on one time, at $99, that is $4.95 per minute.

This is the base line. Now you factor in themodel's experiences and intangibles. Let's not go there, it gets personal. So, the TS's shoot, very expensive, even when compared to arguably the best organiser on CS.
To be fair to the original TS, we should move the discussion here.
DP has given a noteworthy point on how does one value an organised shoot?

Can one really give a value to a shoot? Relative value, absolute value?:think:
Should DP factor in the opportunity cost of the photographer, the organizer, etc?
How much is a model's experiences and intangibles worth if she is still naturally lousy?

Is the face/body of the model more "valuable" than her posing ability/experience?
Does her nationality worth something?
Does her occupation add to her value or the shoot's value?
Does the number of models increase one's value?

Should one value a shoot based on the number of "acceptable" images one can get during a shoot? I heard it would be priceless if one manage to get a "keeper-shot" during a shoot, so how can any shoot be expensive if one gets a few keepers?

Are Ivan's models more "valuable" because they are FTs and more costly? But to many CS photographers who are more keen in local xmm, are these imported FTs less relevant to them and thus "less valuable"? :sweat:

Is DP valuation of a shoot relevant to a PMET, a student, a professional photographer, a hobbist-uncle, a GWC, etc since we are only talking about $100+ ....:dunno:

How do you value a shoot .... whether it is expensive, reasonable or cheap, worthwhile or waste time?:think:


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Apr 21, 2004
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1) Depends on how deep yr pockets are and how individual thinks of the girl (how chio/pretty... etc)
2) Who they are and how they present their portfolio
3) How professional are they (organiser and model)
4) What is provided (food/drinks/photography equipment...)
5) Where is location (indoor/outdoor)

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