How do you organise your photographs? (negs / trans)

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Jan 30, 2002
Have a box full of negatives in sleeves, trans (mounted and in sleeve) and some prints. After years of disorganisation I'd really like to get them sorted out. (long overdue exercise!)

I already have some negs in a folder, very loosely organised with a minimal TOC on paper detailing brief descriptions of content against negative roll no.

Got to
- clear all the paper envelopes which contains the negs (reduce bulk first!)
- put up a system to let me locate specific images in the film collection
- maybe replace defacto lab sleeves with archival ones?
- prolly store the organised collection in a safe place

Going to try out a trial of Extensis Portfolio, wondering if it can integrate digital and film collection well?

Am a absolute newbie at this, so would appreciate any suggestions and pointers. Merci!

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