How do you disable Adobe Photoshop Elements auto download?

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I need some help on this. Since I have the camera specific software (e.g. Olympus Master 2, Nikon Capture NX, Canon Zoombrowser, etc), the adobe always autostart and download the photos when I hook the camera to the computer. This stops the camera specific software.

Could you advise how do I disable the autodownload for Adobe Photo Elements (using v5)? There is an autodownload tick box..although it is not ticked, the software starts automatically once I hook my camera to the computer, Tried with canon, nikon or olympus, the adobe auto starts first.

Quite annoying!

And How do I disable the photoelements registration pop up? Keeps coming up.

Thanks. Gracias.


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Aug 7, 2007
can't be of help unfortunately, but i definitely feel your pain!

everytime i'll try to load pics from my camera or a usb stick, elements will start up and scan through the photos. i'll have to wait for elements to finish doing its thing and proceed to eos utility etc. :confused: i was tempted to remove elements from my vaio (which went kaput this week heh) but since i don't have photoshop on that com, i decided to put up with it...

hope someone will be able to help you! good luck!


Nov 14, 2007
register the software online, else its not possible to stop it coming up.

is there a icon on the bottom right in the task bar that u can disable? say a camera icon?

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