How can i apply for Singapore credit card when overseas?

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Apr 23, 2005
Hi guys...need some advice here regarding credit cards...:)

I am overseas right now but i will be going back in 2 weeks time for like 3 days...but i dont think the banks can rush out in card in such a short time?

1.Is there any way to apply online and maybe email a copy of my salary slip?

2.My salary details are all online and will the banks recognise them by printing out from the website?

3. Or can I like go back and apply and they mail it to my overseas address? Will it be dangerous as it might be lost in the mail?

4. For platinum cards usually how many months minimum salary slip must we give?

Dec 6, 2002
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I have apartment and investment in sing and the bank noticed that but my salary is below their eleigibility line and they noticed that too, of course i have liability as well and they too noticed.

But somehow very often they called and said: this is an invitation to take up.....card.
Then come to the question how much is the salary, then said thank you and can you refer me anyone else to apply the .... card.

:) quite amused and bemused.

how come sing banks are like sub-standard?

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