Hot Shoe Filter Holder

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Aug 18, 2006
I'm posting this here for all the Rangefinder users out there in case they don't pop into the buy and sell thread too often.

I've got an Hot Shoe Filter Holder I'm looking to sell...

> Ideal for rangefinder cameras
> Mounts on the Flash Hot Shoe
> Accepts 52mm size filters
> Use this to judge the effect of any filter before shooting
> Made from satin black anodized aluminum

I made this for a close friend using an Olympus lens adaptor tube and Nikon hot shoe mount. She used it by mounting a polarizer on the filter holder in order to see and adjust the level or polarization before tweaking the polarizer that’s on the camera lens. She has recently sold her rangefinder and hence this item is up for sale.

Asking S$30.00

Please drop me a PM if you're interested.


Not open for further replies.