Hong Kong Victoria Harbour - A Symphony of Lights (November 22)


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Jan 3, 2011
I doubt we can take picture of the symphony of light at all coz the lighting will be like circus, spotlight moving left to right continously. Furthermore, watchout for mist season as mist can spoil the view from Peak.


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Jan 19, 2005
I just came back from HK.. and saw the symphony of light and was disappointed with it. kennykck is correct in that, the lights "dancing" to the music could be changing of colours on a certain building, or beams of light shooting from atop specific buildings. After a while, you would realise which buildings hve the beams, and try to catch the beams instead. I was waiting for the finale (as i saw in some shots) when all the beams would be shone, but I did not see that. This is to set your expectation right - i saw many photographers gave up, and just relaxed to watch the lights/music.

it'd be more realistic to shoot the skyline, buildings and the ships/"junks" that were going up and down.

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