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Sep 9, 2003

I've just wondering whether anyone has sufficient "best practice info" on using canon slave flashes (550ex x 2, 580ex, ST-E2) for portrait photography.

I'm looking into

placement of flashes.
flash intensity/settings (eg: ratio, FEC on slave flashes)
use of bounces.

I've tried doing it myself and I always have to contend with long shadows or light shadows behind the subject... and I've not been able to successfully eliminate those.


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Jul 27, 2003
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Did you try bouncing the 550ex off an umbrella, or thru a diffuser umbrella?

Before I got my light stands, I used the Bogen superclamp (the one with a umbrella hole) to hold one 550ex and the umbrella for the rembrant setup. I taped a piece of rolled white A4 paper infront of other 550ex placed behind the subject.

Play around with the ratio; A for the umbrella 550ex, and B for the backlight. 2:1 work for me, but YMMV.

There were more experiments, but forgot to write them down!

I use 2 550ex and a ST-E2 then.

BTW, do you know the rolled A4 paper horizontally taped over a 550ex (and pointing up) attached on the camera shooting small jewellery pieces gives wonderfully diffused light. If you play with the + and - ambient compensation giveing you control over the background exposure. Furthermore, the reflection of the shiny surfaces looks good too. Works for me! Again YMMV.

Happy New Year.

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