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May 24, 2007
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Hello everyone; back after a bit of an absence. We are going on an 8 day tour of HK and Shanghai Expo in late June. I'm told it gets really hot then, and can't determine how much gear I want to lug around. I might just take a small DSLR. Or I am thinking about taking my Leica M6 with couple of lens (35/2 & 90/2.8). Any comments or advice? What about security? PN :)

Shen siung

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May 21, 2008
Shanghai in late june? Like 25~27 June?
The security of expo? Should not be a problem I guess for camera, heard people said just will check every bag.

The weather should be like what we experienced now in Sg - only slightly less humid. But the difference in Sg is, in mid day (11am -4 pm) we usually stay indoor. But when we travel, we tend to stay outdoor mostly.


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Jun 21, 2005
Late June is hot but still bareable. The killer is during end July and early aug. It's like living in an oven. Worse than in singapore, at least we sill have the occasional winds & our evenings/nights are cool. In shanghai, it can be hot even at night

Is it against the rule to photoshoot in Expo?

Part of my work, I visit a lot of fairs and expo oversea and just came back from Gift Fair in Hong Kong. In most fair, photography is not well looked upon and most would put up a sign to tell you they don't entertain that you take photos of their store and product. No phone cameras too.

If you are really into doing business with them, they would let you take something if you give a card or have a sit down talk. You can also try asking them but usually they will not let you shoot alot. Some will tell you off to stop and with some...they expect you to erase before you are allow to leave their booth or vicinity.

Especially if you are chinese. China copycat has become famous now for copying all over the world. Especially when I am in Europe... I as chinese get stereotype.. and from a disance they see me with my camera or even my mobilephone in my hand, they already on their guard or give you that angry look and the moment you bring the camera to your eyes... they will verbally tell you to stop. Some are nice about it but as I said ..others will snipe at you.

You have to understanding.. expo are not site seeing places.. it is a place of work.. normal people don't go around shooting lots of photos of the same products over again... unless you are trying to take as much shots to help you copy it. And some get very angry and verbally abuse you as they might already be victims and in some case as I have seen.. alot of this bas*ard china man very thickskin.. they will keep shooting even when told to stop. Some will claim they don't understand english. Thus alot of them use universal symbols of a camera or phone with a slash across it to denote "no photos".

The bigger your camera you want to walk about in the expo hall.. the quicker people will notice you. I carry my D300 about but then again, I am there to source for product so I talk and ask them first thus usually no problem. I ask first and if they say no, I have no problem with that.

It is not so bad in Asia as we have so many copy cart copying another copy cat... but you go to fairs like Maison Objet in Paris or Ambiente in Frankfurt... they are especially worry of chinese talking photos.

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