Hi guys, just want to share my experience here.

Nov 27, 2012
This guy, with 9 years of experience, in the wedding line actually booked me as a videographer for the 16th of April 2016 and told me to have a meeting for today, 14th of April 2016. And out of the blues, he canceled the meeting and now said he do not need me anymore.

I was fine with that, but what angered me is that he actually offered me $5/hr for an OPERATING CAM B videographer. How is that helping our industry? I thought 9 years of experience would assist this guy in being wiser.

Some quotes from him:

"By the way, if you are smart, next time, if you have other offers, don't decline first unless you are confirmed that you have a project on hand. Thats how I practise for the last 9 years. Anyway, I dont understand why you decline 3 offers when you have not even confirm that I'm engaging you. If I were you, I take up which ever offers comes first. "

Wow. You booked me, gave me a meeting date, which was a day before the shoot and you expect me to take other jobs? I practice sincerity.

".. Ok, my main videographer actually done a few weddings so I thought by having assistant, he will be more confident. Because for me,one videographer is actually enough all along and to have assistant, I only task them to shoot only during nikah and bertandang (solemnisation and actual wedding). Thats y I dont need so much footage. Usually I ask them to swap as main and as assistant. My kind of assistant is not like other company where they shoot concurrently all the way thats y I don't want my assistant to cover so much like other company. That's y i'm not paying extra for assistant. Maybe other company do that because they are not capable as my company do. I hope you dont get me wrong. If you want to be assistant, im only paying $5/hr so my main videographer gets $20/hr. "

$5/hr? Let's see:
Cheapest 5dmkii and the cheapest lens 50mm f1.8: $1.5k
It will take 300 hours to cover back. Hmmm.

Just for you info guys. I hope our industry would evolve from this mediocrity. Thank you.



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Apr 26, 2008
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Mar 6, 2010
He advertise 25 / hr for main ... How come now become 5 assistant 20 main.....


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Dec 29, 2008
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TS you were dealing with a male or female? In the profile listed in CS the gender is listed as "female" :confused:

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Jan 29, 2002
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Dude I dunno how to say this..... if people book you collect deposit but at that kinda price do you really want to do it ? If you want experience I suppose you could bugger your circle of friend and offer to be a 2nd unpaid video guy... that how some of us started not with paid gigs. When you deal with non pro people this is what results - by non pro I mean people who do not operate like a business professional, but are still shooting on side (still have day job kind). As I understand it Malay weddings are normally not high priced gigs .... gone are the days where some will pay 2Kplus for photocopier but its like 2 day plus cover plus prints or plus photo book album. Er rereading I do not understand where you beef is at :-
1. he offered and you accepted $5 per hour as assistant video man ?
2. he confirm booking and then back out ? Actually reading what he say he do not really need an assistant if his main video guy can do it - so big question is why he even bother.


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Sep 24, 2008
Hi TS.
Hope you will learn a lesson.
If someone pay peanut, you no need to be their monkey.
This guy give you a peanut. That is why he treated you like a monkey.

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