Helping hands and donation in kind needed

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Feb 12, 2002
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This message may be a bit on short notice, but if you are in the area and can help out, we do appreciate it...

From the Eurovan Club (

We are having a gathering at Kallang carpark (behind Mac) on 2nd Jan 2005 Sunday 9am - 12pm to:

1. Sort out and pack all collected items for donation into carton boxes

2. Receive donation items from public / other car clubs

3. Transfer of ready items from Geylang warehouse to Kallang carpark

4. Deliver ALL donated (packed) items to Sri Lankarayama Temple at St Michael

According to what we have received so far, it will be a busy day at Kallang carpark. We can't assume how much more will be send down to us on Sunday by the public and other car clubs. We are appealing for helpers (with/without van) to join us in the logistic part on Sunday.

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