LR Tips Helpful Tips from the Denver InDesign Conference


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Sep 27, 2006
The InDesign Conference in Denver just wrapped up this week. All of the attendees I talked to said they had learned so many great things and that their minds were chock full of new and useful information. Some were thrilled to have learned a whole new skill or way of working, while others had picked up a collection of little production tips. The recurring theme I heard was that they were leaving the event ready to improve their workflow and their designs. With that in mind, I asked several attendees to share their favorite little “new-to-them” tidbit, and have listed a few of them here. Ungroup Remembers Layers When you group items in InDesign, the items all move to a common layer. In one of the latest updates, a new item—”Ungroup Remembers Layers”—was added. With this item selected, items move back to their original layer when they are ungrouped. Component Info You can access scads of information about an InDesign file if you know where to look. On a Mac, choose About InDesign from the InDesign menu while holding down the Command key. On a PC, you’ll use the Ctrl key and choose About InDesign from the Help menu. The [...]
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