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Helpful or just trying to benefit?

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Dec 16, 2003
Realize that sometimes, when we try to sell something, we do find some smart a** PMing us to tell us that the particular item(s) we are trying to sell is being sold at a price which is way below what we ask for. Worse is that he/she will keep sending such PM, eventhough you reply him, thanking him for his info.

Strange thing is, from old buy/sell threads, we find that the price we ask for is actually reasonable and is the 'market' price.

Then another search for threads started by the smart a** ... reveals that he/she also sells stuffs from various brands (second hand).

So does that mean some 2nd hand 'dealer' is going around trying to put down people's asking price, then buy them at dirt cheap prices (if seller is despo enough) ... then sell them again, making some profit?

Not that I am against such 'dealers' but such PM is really irritating. Can we report to the mods about this?


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Dec 28, 2003
It would be wise to ignore the PMs and just quote what price you think is fair. Then let the market decide. If someone os interested he/she will bargain with you or might even take it at your price. Ignore the rest as they may not be interested to buy it in the first place.

May 5, 2004
i guess as with any circumstance, there might be those that are sincere and those unscrupulous, common sense will tell the difference

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