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I am working on my web site; I need help with you about the photographs that I want to put on my web site. I want to know what kind of photographs mostly sell on web site. And do you sell photographs as print or print on glass frames? What print size do you sell?

I have interest in all forms of photography arts but I enjoy doing fine arts, nature, travel and abstract. Do abstract photographs have power to sell? I am thinking about 4 print sizes to be put for sale. I want to sell as
203mm (8”) x 254mm (10”)
203mm (8”) x 304mm (12”)
254mm (10”) x 304mm (12”)
279mm (11”) x 356mm (14”)
What price do I put for my prints, or I put price as individually different as photographs?

And is it better to sell from web site or by gallery? I can able to sell it by local gallery and the gallery will pay me around US$ 100 for one photograph but the showcase of my photographs will only for about 1 week to 2 month and that’s it? And the entire viewers are mostly local and about 500 to 2000 visitor.

As for other hand I can go around the world by web and I can get more visitors and less sell and the showcase will be forever. (till the web hosting company get paid)

What you say about it?

I use 35mm and some digital, and I am amateur want to go for professional.

See my few photographs samples at:

Need good helpful suggestion and comments to make my way to professional.
Thank you and God bless,
Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

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