help to select camera(s).

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Jan 6, 2003
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My friend is helping his school to acquire some DC with a budget of $2200.

The P decided to phase out the film ones. L

They already have 2x aging Nikon 995s.
The DC must use CF.

They can buy:


1) 4 x A75
2) 3 x A80
3) 2 x G5 or 2x S1 IS
4) 1 x 300D


1) 2 x 5400 or 5700 (can reuse the 995 batteries)
2) 1 x D70

Or a combination

(Bargaincity prices)

It’s a choice of going for a good one verses maximising availability by getting a few lower end ones.

What do you think?
Any others to recommend?


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Oct 5, 2003
very tempted to say 2x Nikon 5700 cos I own 1 and quite happy with it :p

b4 answering ur questions let me ask you a few questions:

1. What purpose will the camera be used for? Recording school events? Used by the photography club?

2. What type of users expected to use the camera? Novice users? Expert photographer?

3. How many people expected to use the camera at any 1 time?

Since they have a limited budget, these few questions will very much determine the type of cameras to get.

Q1 will decide if the camera should have a lot of manual override feature or not.

Q2 will decide if the camera should be a simple P&S digicam or a higher end prosumer type.

Q3 will decide to go for the cheaper camera (for the quantity) or for a higher quality one if less people are expected to use.

of cos, if they don't want to think too much can go for the versatile option of 1 x CP5700 and 2 x A75.

Nov 12, 2003
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3 A80's good enuff. . .

if not one G5 and one S1, if its cheaper... why not look into G3s they, to me are stilll better than the G5...

i suggest against the DSLRs cos lenses and flashes are not in budget.

i remember that i use to use a sony 2.1 mavica in sec sch... that was good enuff hahaha..!

what sch is it? it really depends... if its a photog club thing or wad i'm sure u'll need the creative modes and stuff and the hot shoe and all... if not den i guess not..


Feb 17, 2004
Hi! If the school is using the cams to take pixs for the yearbook, notice-boards and the website, then i say go with the A80s. School should get a few cams so that teachers and students can use them without waiting for one another. my school has got one teacher using the A80 and its a great cam for daily snaps. but if the cams are for the school photo club, then maybe 2 G5s? Hope that helps.

Jan 6, 2003
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They are for the Photography club as well as for loan to staff/students to do projects.

Is the G3 still avaliable in the market? Why is it considered (moos blues) better than the G5?

How about the A80 vs A75?

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