Help setting up pictures....

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I have a 10x10 feet wall space reserved for today's exhibition...

By the size of my pictures, I can put exactly 5 of them on eye level.

So that would row, 5 pictures... with their center being about 5.2 feet above ground.
No doubt that is the idea way to exhibit.

But the thing is, I have 10 photos that I want to display.

Can I make 2 rows instead of 1?
For the first row, the center of the pictures jumps up to around 6 feet and the second row's pics' center goes to 4 feet...
does that appear visually pleasing? Or should I just choose my top 5 and put the remaining 5 on the table...

Please give me some advice... I have no idea about exhibition trying to make a "mock" set up of it on my floor right now but its hard to imagine how it will look in the final result.

Dream Merchant

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Jan 11, 2007
Draw a layout plan to scale, and put a figure of someone say 1.65 m tall in that plan for reference. More importantly, you need to know the lighting layout for the exhibition area and it would also help to know the type of light(s) being used, and if their angles are adjustable/will you have permission to adjust them?

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