Help .. Redang Info Needed

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Jan 2, 2003
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Hi all,

Basically I'm planning a trip to Laguna Redang Island Resort for a 4day 3night period sometime in Aug.

So if u r able to help ans my queries, I would appreciate any help.

1) Transnasional VIP Coach from SG-KT Bus Terminal.
Where to buy? Any contacts? Pricing? What's the schedule like?
Transnasional VIP Coach from JB Larkin Bus Terminal-KT Bus Terminal.
Pricing? What's the schedule like?

2) Any feedback on Laguna Redang Island Resort itself?
Do they provide drinking water FOC? or must buy?

3) As far as I know the timing for coaches from KT Bus Terminal - SG is either
very early in the morning or after evening.
Anyone noes the exact timings? Pricing?
How can I buy return tix in advance?
Most prob will be taking after evening coach but boat from Redang
reaches Merang Jetty ard 1330h so what to do while waiting for evening

Sorry for the many questions... thanks in advance ;)

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