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Dear all,

I been looking for a good way to showcase my picture and I would like to build a personal page.
I understand that there is a lot of alternative such as Flickr and many more.

But with personal page, I can do many change and personal editing to my prefer.

So, I hope bro and sis here will be able to help me.

I been sourcing info in the web for days now… I come to understand:

1. Many user used Html to build their page and there is also some program to do so (free or paid).
2. For a photography/photo album page, we need to find storage hosting to host our picture and hence we can link the picture to our page.
3. There is many free hosting available, some are up to 500mb.(not safe – lost data)
4. Many just pay (monthly or yearly) for the hosting cuz it is safer this way.

My question:

1. How many of u guys have been using this HTML + free hosting method?
2. if yes, can you share your experience?

My problem:

1. I am a total and definitely don’t know anything about HTML, I don’t even know how to format my computer.
2. I am looking to do this thing in absolutely FOC method, sorry for my cheapo attitude.

Million thanks


P.S: Dear Moderators, please move my thread if this do not belong to this section.,,thank!!

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