Help on Teleconverters for Macro Photography

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Jun 6, 2002
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Hu guys, I got a few questions to ask abt macro photography using teleconverters and close up filter, hope that you could help.

1. I have read in
that teleconverters should not reduce the focusing distance, how ever my experience with my a70 coupled with c210 shows that attaching the teleconverter increases my minimum focusing distance. Similarly, I need to use the macro mode to help in focusing. But even so, i cannot achieve the same magnification as I could without the teleconverter. However the advantage gained is that I will be able to shoot from a further distance. Am I doing something wrong?

2. I tried hand holding a 52mm +4 close up filter in front of my teleconverter to shoot macro shots, and it helps a lot in getting closer to the subject, thus greater magnification. However, there is no lens thread on the c210 for the close up filter to attach to. Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Jan 18, 2002
1. That refers to teleconverters for SLR cameras that go between the camera and the lenses. It's different from front-mounted "teleconverters" typically used in digital cameras which increases minimum focussing distance.

2. you could glue an adaptor ring to the front of the teleconverter. However, you have to take care to prevent the glue from misting onto the glass lens and destroying the multicoating.

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