help on pentax mz-50

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May 18, 2004
hi, actually not very newbie to fotog, but rarely practice it heh...

using pentax mz-50 with 35 - 80mm lenses, wondering what kind of lens should i buy to up it... love taking nature and scenery, but am going to nyc come end of feb... wat accessories will help? also, where can i buy good and cheap special negatives like black and white film? thanx!


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Nov 2, 2004
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
It all depends on the kind of images that you want to create,
let's say for an example birds, you can shoot them close up and/or with the scenery.
This two images needs very different lenses.

I suggest that you might want to get a 24mm or lower lens to compliment your current setup. Or if you prefer telephoto then a range of 70-200mm would also do the trick.

Ultimately it's your photo and your call.

Film : Good is not cheap and cheap is not good.
Try to get a nice balance or price/quality
The peninsular area has many photo related shops
that might be able to help you.
Give them a call and ask,
I'm sure that they are most willing to sell you something.

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