Help on ancient lenses (Nikon F Photomic T)

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May 27, 2008
*edit* Decided to send the lenses for cleaning at Nikon Service Centre :) Quoted cost is $25-$35 so that's not too bad ba. And not so ancient after all it seems!

I got over my D grade in Basic Photo class 2 years ago and have decided to try film all over again.. So hi everyone :)

I have this Nikon F Photomic T with

50mm, 35mm, 135mm, telephoto lenses, telephoto converters and some others still buried somewhere in the apartment.

They were last used 30 years ago as they belonged to my dad, and have some fungus growing on the lenses.

Is it worth it to send all for servicing? Or just the ones I am more likely to use?
Or are they too old and pretty much gone case?

The camera seems to be in working condition and can click, whirr and all that according to the manual, so I'm not so worried on that part. (Though there appears to be a speck of fungus on the mirror as well.)

The last time they were sent for servicing was at Shriro China. Does anyone else know them or have some other recommendations?

If someone could teach me the basics behind cleaning the fungus, I'm very willing to learn as well, since apparently SC is the only company my dad trusted, but since it was donkey years ago, I don't know if things have changed now. Anyway if we really decide to send for servicing, this time we'll make sure to keep properly @_@

Thanks very very much in advance for the help.


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Sep 26, 2005
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I think it's still worth to have those lenses cleaned.
Although it still depends on how much permanent damage the fungus has created,
if your lenses can be cleaned nicely, just a simple conversion, and you can still use them on any Nikon film or DSLR cameras.

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