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Nov 10, 2006
Hi all! I'm newbie here and I need some help with putting my portfolio online. I'm a photographer and have been working for about a year now without having a portfolio online, but I think it's high time to let the world know about me. However, I don't feel comfortable making a website myself (I know a little front page, but don't treally trust I can do anything with it, and don't have the time moreover). I can't afford yet to hire a design agency...

A few friends are using site builders for their sites (,, I have personally signed up for sitekreator and it seems very easy to use, but I should get some additional space there -- he free account has quite limited hosting space.

I would be happy to know, however, if there is a more easier/affordable alternatives to these above. Could you tell me how did you make your websites, and which is the best way to present my work online?

I'd appreciate any suggestions and opinions you guys can give.

Maybe you can try or I personally prefer bravenet as it is not a file sharing site and you can customise your own feel and look. Also Google for this "software" called SimpleViewer. Very classy and easy to use, adding a professional look to your online portfolio.

Hope this helps set off your business!

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