Help Needed with iPhoto and PS 5.5


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May 22, 2004
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Help needed with Mac and Photoshop.

I've just changed to Mac and have just installed Photoshop CS 5.5. I am encountering this it normal?

Issue:Is this the right workflow? If not....what can be done?
1. I transfer photos from CF card to iMac and it goes straight to iPhoto
2. I open see iPhoto and the folder with the newly transferred photos
3. I go to the folder and the photos but...can't open using Photoshop. (ACR is possible but not PS)
4. I go to PS and try 'File ---Open' but can't read into iPhoto (!!!)
5. So....I use iPhoto to export the photos out to the 'Pictures' directory under a new folder
6. THEN I use Photoshop to open---file and it can be done. it normal? Seems like it's a bane to use iPhoto for a PS person....or is there some configuration I need to do??? Once again...any help would be appreciated.....


(This is a repost from the General Tech thread.)

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