Help needed: Picture scaling in photoshop


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Aug 2, 2009
Hi guys. I need more understanding about picture scaling in photoshop

Im designing a poster 1m x 2m at 200 DPI (7.8 x 15.7k pixels), CMYK colours.

I have a photo 1000x1000 pixels @ 72 DPI. When I upscale it with resampling turned on, the picture looks the same at 2000x2000 @ 72 DPI. Will the photo be blur in the final print?

Same goes with another photo 500x500 @ 300 DPI upscaled resampling to 2000x2000 @ 300 DPI.

Is there a way in photoshop where I can actually see if the photo is blurring due to upscaling? The pictures now looks the same no matter what size it is at.

My pictures are either high pixel with low DPI (72-96), or low pixel with high DPI (300-600).

Thank you!

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