Help needed for the old SONY DSC-F1

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Nov 18, 2005
Recently found out that my very old SONY DSC-F1 (which was introduced about 10 years ago) is still working well. Unfortunately, am unable to download the images to the computer.

Should you have or knows someone who still has the software/driver (Twain 1.5) to download the images, please do not hesitate to PM me. Thank You Very much.


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May 14, 2005
Reading old reviews are very interesting. It makes ppl feel as if they have advanced few generations.

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December 30, 1998

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Reviewed by
Mike Guttadauro, Expert, from San Jose, CA

The Sony DSC-F1 is one of the best small 640x480 res digital cams on the market. Sony lives up to its leadership role in the consumer electronics market. Picture quality has been consistent except under low light situations where the flash dosen't help much. Other then that the DSC-F1 has been a solid performer in all situations that I have used it. Auto controls work fine, but manual is the best when you want to get just the right effect. Bundled software it not bad, but needs an update. A strong photo editor would top the cake.All in all a fun little camera that has just enough image quality for the consumer.

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