Help needed for Nepal trip in april

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Sep 2, 2006
Me and my girlfriend just decided to go Nepal for a budget holiday in april.
Did my research through books and internet.
I've also visited for ideas, and may go down physically tomorrow.

No. of days available: 14-15 days (11-25th April 2009)
Total pax: 02
Trek level: Easy to intermediate
Budget & Comfort level: Easy on the wallet(2-3k max per pax) and backpack
Accomodation: twin/double bedroom with attached bathroom
Looking for: Light trek, nature, landscape, photography and cultural experience

Hope to learn more from been-there-before peeps.

Thank you in advance!:)


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Jun 29, 2003
not sure wat help or tips you are looking for ...but Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is pretty scenic and friendly for a start.

If you prefer to go there independently. it is quite easy to book a ticket on yr own via Thai Airways (try to book yr tickets now) and engaged the services of a guide online.

Tips :-

1. Be mentally prepared for the type of hotels they have there. You normally have to subtract 2 stars from their rating.

2. If visiting nearby India, Nepalese people accept Indian currency.

3. US$ is best over there for currency conversion purposes.

4. Bring anti diarrhea medication. People from 1st world countries are not used to their water.

5. ENJOY THE SCENERY and post your pictures here!


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Jan 6, 2009
I went there for a 2 weeks+ trekking at the annapurna region. Some must + good to have things to bring are:

- diarrhea medicine and charcoal pills. I had diarrhea during first 3-4 days but after taking charcoal pills I recovered

- drinking bottles for refilling cos u may not have a clean water source while trekking for hours from 1 point to another

- small packet of salt to deal with the leeches (depend on season but good to have)

- small can of powder cos u may not get chance to bath...

- insect repellent

- white or light color socks so that u can easily spot the leeches or blood oozing after a leech bite

- warm clothes >> again depend on season but the higher altitude u go, the colder it really gets. when i was at pokhara in Oct it was cosy 28-30 d.celsius but when i reach Pun hill around 3000m alt, it was 18-20 d.celcius... and I couldnt sleep at night cos every breath is like breathing in air direct from freezer...

- good pair of trekking shoes >> dont ever think of using track/sports shoes to trek cos the terrain will make u suffer if u do. can try Agu and Columbia. I used a pair of $250 suede Columbia but friends were using $400 Agu which are full leather.

- bring lotsa ziploc bags cos 1 min it may be sunshine and next min it'll downpour. keep important docs like passport, trekking permits, maps, comms devices in ziplocs.

Hope that helps and enjoy your trip there!! :)

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