Help! Dry cabinet faulty..


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Apr 22, 2010
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As above. I put my dslr inside the dry cabinet for the day & i jus came home from work, the RH drop to 34% i was shocked and faster turn the knob to 3 o'clock and the RH goes up to as high as 52%. I took out my dslr and play ard see if it spoil or anything. but i dunno how to check if it is spoil or etc. power stil able to on and shoot. What will happen to my camera and dry cabinet issit spoiled or due to weather problem.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Neither your dry cabinet not your camera is faulty.
Please do yourself a favour and read what has been discussed to death here. Adjust the dry cabinet (as you have done), now monitor for the next hours. Be patient, stop being paranoid!
Your camera manual also has some information about working and storage conditions. Found the booklet? Why would your camera get spoiled form being exposed to a slightly lower humidity rate than what is normal anyway? Do you know any good reason? The cameras does not - so it simply continues to work.
Cameras are meant to stand more than just a night is a bit dry air. After 70 posting you should have found the Search function ...

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