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Hi guys!

I'm new to this digi cam thingy and I somehow kanna hooked up to this fever. Anyway, I'm going Aust for studies this coming Feb and I thought of getting a digicam. I started reading and researching from there on. I hope somebody out there can recommand me a camera.

I have done some research and narrowed down to Canon Ixus V3 and Minolta Dimage F100. I like their compactness and sleekness. (Won't want to add on to my already heavy luggauge I'm bringing over.) I want something that takes quality pics in the day or night but I just can't find a 'as ideal as possible' camera after reading a lot of reviews. Here's what I have found out.

V3: attractive in the sense that it has 9 autofocus point and by right should be able to take better quality pic than others of the same range. But many complained that it's flash is too narrow and the edge of the pics are darker than inside. And the cam dun perform well under low light level areas.

F100: 4.0 MP cam but doesn't have AF lamp hence don't take good night shoots. Rather costly too....

Sony powershot DSC-P71: didn't really do a research on it.. Dun like the brand... Many of my sony products spoil easily.

Minolta Dimage Xi: Very small in design... Can't find any reviews on this coz it's very new so can't tell it's really good. It looks too small to be packed with so much power.

I hope someone can share his/her point of view or recommand me a cam of similar range. I hope to keep the price of the cam under $700-750. Most imptly, a compact and sleek camera which takes quality pics in the day especially night.

Thanks ;)


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Sep 11, 2002
The V3 is a good camera with a new processor and 3MP. If compactness and design are what you see in a camera, it' d be a good choice. For the F100, the absence of the AF light wouldn't be a big problem if you seldom take pictures in the dark (really dark, like inside a car or room with little light). If you can up your budget a little above $800, the C-730UZ would be a good alternative with versatile 10x zoom lens.

I have a camera with accessories for sale that would fit your budget. Please check your pm (click "user cp"->"private messages").

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