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Mar 8, 2004
Dear All,
Something-To-Share. . . If u ever need to get towels, why not consider getting from the stall. Hope u can help to make his day !!!
This Ah Pek who has a stall at Chinatown complex even have to bring the two abnormal daughters with him while attending to his stall. I believe he is earning a meagre income, so why not extend a helping hand if u guys happen to pass by the stall.
For those who had watched the channel U show 'Neng Luan Ren Jian' show, you would have known the story of this pitiful old man selling towels, kid clothes etc at Chinatown complex. He got a sad story behind him..An old man 70 years of age still having to slog hard for a living and taking care of 2
abnormal daughters and family... He is the main breadwinner in the family. after knowing his story, my friend purposely went to his stall to buy some towels from him... he can tell that his eyes were beaming with delight as the ah pek kept thanking him non-stop.. if u ever pass by the shop...please
buy one or two towels lor... doesn't cost much... one of those hand towels that he bought cost $1.50 which is the market price.
Here is the address.. the building name is 'CHINATOWN COMPLEX' the shop is facing Blk 335A. The wording '186' is prominently written & placed. The shop directly facing opposite Blk 4 Sago Lane Hdb flat and is just above the Chinatown Wet Market. Its very near to the staircase as well so this
might make it easier for u to locate the shop.
The elderly man is about 70 plus of age. The shop is opened everyday till quite late (around 10pm).... Hope you can lend a helping hand if you happen to pass by Chinatown Complex.....
Its ok if you can't go down and make purchase from the old could help to forward this message....You know..Advertising by word of mouth work just as well.....
Have a good day..... :D

(Originally received mail from someone . . . so above text is not composed by me . . . just wholesale cut and paste)

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